Special Education Instructional Paraprofessional

Paducah ISD | Paducah, TX

Posted Date 8/03/2022

Paducah ISD is searching for a Special Education Instructional Paraprofessional.  This individual must be able to provide instructional learning supports and services as stated in the student's Individualized Education Program.


All interested individuals are encouraged to fill out the application by clicking on the link below.  Please return the application to Principal, Mandy Moore at mmoore@paducahisd.org or hand deliver it to the PISD business office at 810 Goodwin Avenue, Paducah, TX 79248.  Applications may also be mailed to 

Paducah ISD

ATTN: Principal, Mandy Moore

P.O. Drawer P

Paducah, TX 79248


You may also call Principal, Mandy Moore at (806)492-2009


Support Personnel Application 


Paducah ISD

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