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Littlefield ISD | Littlefield, TX

Posted Date 4/06/2021

Littlefield ISD seeks a dynamic, energetic, and effective leader to serve as Principal for Littlefield Primary School. 
The Littlefield Primary School Principal:

  • Serves as the school and educational leader responsible for development, implementation, supervision, and evaluation of a comprehensive program of educational and student services, administers the program in accordance with board policies, statutory requirements, and administrative rules and regulations.
  • Serves as an advocate for the staff, school, and school community.
  • Works under the general supervision of the Superintendent and/or Superintendent Designee, who is responsible for carrying out the guidance and direction of the Board of Directors. Utilizes the strategic plan, district goals, district policy, and the approved school improvement plan to guide both personal leadership and the work of the school staff. Annual evaluation will be based upon this job description, goals and objectives specific to the school or the position, student achievement data, and the performance of the Principal.
  • is responsible for creating a school culture that promotes the ongoing improvement of learning and teaching for students and staff.
  • develops and sustains focus on a shared mission and clear vision for improvement of learning and teaching.
  • Engages stakeholders in the essential conversations for ongoing improvement.
  • Facilitates collaborative processes with stakeholders leading toward continuous improvement.
  • Creates opportunities for shared leadership within the school.
  • Effectively engages the entire community to develop a more nuanced/expanded understanding of what it means to be safe.
  • Provides for the physical, intellectual, and emotional safety in order for effective teaching and learning to take place.
  • Leads the development, implementation and evaluation of a data-driven plan for increasing student achievement, including the use of multiple student data elements:
  • Recognizes and seeks out multiple data sources.
  • Analyzes and interprets multiple data sources to inform school-level improvement efforts.
  • Implements data driven plan for improved teaching and learning.
  • Assists staff in using data to guide, modify and improve classroom teaching and learning.
  • Assists instructional staff with alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment with state and local district learning goals.
  • Provides leadership that ensures fidelity to the prescribed curricula that is in alignment to state and local district learning goals.
  • Ensures alignment and implementation of best instructional practices to state and district learning goals.
  • Provides that assessment practices are aligned with both curriculum and instruction.
  • Monitors, assists, and evaluates effective instruction and assessment practices: An effective leader is knowledgeable about and deeply involved in the design and implementation of the instructional program; prioritizes effective teaching by visiting classrooms regularly and working with teachers on instructional issues.
  • Develops a working knowledge and ability to lead district initiatives.
  • Participates in professional development regarding district initiatives.
  • Monitors instruction and assessment practices ensuring alignment with the School Improvement Plan.
  • Assists staff in developing required student growth plan and identifying valid, reliable sources of evidence to effectiveness. Assists staff in implementing effective instruction and assessment practices. Reliably and validly evaluates staff in effective instruction and assessment practices.
  • Manages both staff and fiscal resources to support student achievement and legal responsibilities. Manages human and fiscal resources in transparent ways such that the capacity of the school community to make complicated decisions grows. The management of hiring, assignments, evaluations, ongoing professional development and the fulfillment of legal responsibilities is required. Decisions are made about resources that result in improved teaching and learning.
  • Partners with the school community to promote student learning.
  • Understands the greater community and works to establish a genuine partnership model between home and school.
  • Aligns school and community efforts and values as a work in progress that must be nurtured, sustained, and monitored, and is able to influence others to adopt the same understanding. Community engagement decisions are made that result in improved teaching and learning.
  • Demonstrats commitment to closing the achievement gap.
  • Uses evidence to support student improvement.
  • Identifies barriers to achievement and knows how to close resulting gaps.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to close the achievement gap.
  • Provides evidence of growth in student learning.

The Littlefield Primary School Principal:

  • Consistently demonstrates high moral, ethical, and professional standards of performance and personal integrity, which includes addressing problems and issues in an open, honest, and timely manner. Ensures proper conduct which goes beyond the practice of avoiding what is wrong and instead focusing on choosing to do what is right. Serves as a champion for the school and the district, avoiding actual or perceived behavior personally or among the staff which may cast a negative impression on the school, the District, or the Board.
  • Models and promotes trust, enthusiasm, rapport, respect and openness among faculty, staff, students, and members of the community. Celebrates successes and recognizes the achievements of others.
  • Creates a professional environment by assuring that personal and staff interactions with others in the school, community, and board are conducted with utmost respect and professionalism.
  • Honors the ideas of others even when in disagreement with those ideas. Works collaboratively to resolve disagreements and seek mutually respectful solutions.
  • Actively participates in meetings, workshops and conferences that involve decisions affecting the district and/or the school.
  • Advocates for the school needs by providing input to the decision-making process of the district.
  • Respects, supports, and implements decisions once made, and acts to ensure that staff are equally supportive.
  • Participates in school academic, athletic, and co-curricular activities to supervise and advocate for the school.

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