Licensed School Psychologist

Lorenzo ISD | Lorenzo, TX

Posted Date 4/03/2024

Primary Purpose:

Perform professional psychological work in assessment, behavior management, and counseling for students with emotional disabilities, learning disabilities, and behavioral problems in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Assess the psychological and psycho-educational needs of students referred to special education services.




Master’s degree in psychology from an accredited college or university

Valid Texas license as a licensed specialist in school psychology granted by the Texas State Board of

Examiners of Psychologists


Special Knowledge/Skills:

Knowledge of procedures for assessing achievement and intellectual, emotional, and behavioral

functioning for educational purposes

Knowledge of prevention and intervention strategies, including behavior management interventions

Knowledge of psycho-social and human development

Strong consultation skills for conferencing with teachers, parents, and students

Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills


Major Responsibilities and Duties:


  1. Select and administer assessments and observations to evaluate the intellectual, emotional, and behavioral functioning of referred students and to determine student eligibility for special education services according to federal and state regulations.
  2. Score and interpret test data.
  3. Develop psychological evaluation reports.
  4. Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments and develop Behavior Intervention Plans.
  5. Conduct or participate in the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Committee to assist with appropriate placement and development of Individual Education Plans (IEP) for students according to district procedures.
  6. Conduct Manifestation Determination Review ARDs and assist with the appropriate placement for students with disabilities as outlined by IDEA and applicable State standards
  7. Serve as a case manager and implement the special education assessment process for students on assigned campuses.


  1. Conduct group, individual, and family counseling sessions and facilitative therapy for students with diagnosed problems.
  1. Serve as consultant on mental health topics for instructors in the school health program.
  2. Consult with school staff regarding implementation of behavior intervention plans and in managing behaviorally disruptive students.
  3. Provide staff development training in assigned schools to assist school personnel with identification and understanding of students with emotional, social, and behavioral disturbances.
  4. Meet with parents to discuss pertinent background information and test results.
  5. Consult with teachers and relevant staff concerning the educational needs of students and interpretation of assessment data.
  6. Consult with psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, and community agencies concerning intellectual, emotional, and behavioral functioning of students as needed.

Program Management

  1. Develop and maintain effective individual and group relationships with students and parents.
  2. May provide clinical supervision to intern or trainee.*
  3. Develop and coordinate a continuing evaluation of psychological services and assessment procedures and adjust Individualized Education Plans based on findings.
  4. Assist in the selection of assessment materials and equipment.
  5. Compile, file, and maintain all physical and computerized reports, records, and other documents required, including case records, test results, statistical data, and test inventories.
  6. Comply with policies established by federal and state law, State Board of Education rule, Texas State Board of Examiner of Psychologists, APA Principles for Professional Ethics, and local board policy in the areas of psychological services, assessment, placement, and planning for special education services.
  7. Comply with all district and local campus routines and regulations.
  8. Participate in professional development activities to improve skills related to job assignment.


  1. Maintain a positive and effective relationship with supervisors and colleagues.
  2. Effectively communicate with district and campus administrators and staff, colleagues, students, and parents.

Current Salary 

  • $56,000 - $81,500
  • Advanced Degree + $5,000

Potential applicants, please submit a resume and completed application to:


Kristopher Lamm at 

Dr. Julianna Carpenter at 


Lorenzo ISD

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