Assistant Band Director

New Deal ISD | New Deal, TX

Posted Date 5/13/2022

New Deal ISD pays $6,080 above state base with additional Assistant Band Director stipend.  Assistant band director is a 202 day contract.


New Deal ISD is an outstanding, extremely popular and growing accredited school district.   Our school district serves approximately 775 students and provides a balanced and challenging curriculum, building the foundation for productive lives. Our faculty and staff are committed to the success of our students, offering each a quality education and at the same time, setting examples worthy of being followed by our students. With that being said, we are looking for an Assistant Band Director who shares these same qualities that sets our school district above most other districts in our area. Interested applicants can fill out a New Deal application online at  Applicants are required to submit a resume when applying for this position.  A bachelor’s degree and experience is preferred.


New Deal ISD

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